The North American Ccara Association

 We are pleased to announce we will be holding a Ccara Llama screening and informational event open to the public near Ellensburg, WA. at Charley Rosenberry's Ranch.  There will be workshops on defining a Ccara Llama using actual screenings, interspaced with forums and talks, height and weight studies, and llama care info. Admission is free. Areas to camp and tether llamas. There are Motels in Ellensburg or Cle Elum.


 Anyone wishing to have their llamas screened in to the NACA registry will need to make a reservation; normal fees for entry into the registry will apply. Llamas eligible for entry must be at least 2 ½ years of age and registered with the ILR. The application must be accompanied with a copy of the ILR registration page and that page must have good photos showing the llama at maturity. Visit the NACA website for screening criteria and fee schedule, and further information regarding the itinerary.

Screening registrations 


 Nancy Hester   530 223-4569

Nancy Hester     Latitude Llamas