NACA Montana Event Itinerary:

Friday: May 5, 2017

Folks may come Friday night. If you are bringing llamas the night before we will need to give some thought as to

where to pen them or tether them. You can talk to Wes about that and we will coordinate it with Jeff and the others.

Studs will need to be far enough away from females to avoid problems. No program perse' - Just get aquainted and

get ready for Saturday.

Saturday: May 6, 2017 

8:00 meet and greet; 

9:00 :  Defining the Ccara llama and - The NACA mission. Wes Holmquist;


Followed by screening llamas for the NACA registry;  

If empty time other talks or discussions;  

12:00 lunch break & visit:  

1:00 Bob Schimpf Presentation on ccara llama growth;  



More screening & presentations; 


Sunday: May 7, 2017 

8:00 : Ccara committee meeting.

9:00 : Bob schimpf: Wither height study 

Practice screening for new screeners  

More presentations;  

Ccara committee meets: Certify new screeners. 

It will be a bit flexible depending on how many participants, both  people and llamas,

         assuming Sunday will have the most deeply  interested still there.