NACA 2018 Gathering and Screening Event – Near Ellensburg, WA

               May 4, 5, and 6 at Charley Rosenberry’s ranch


Friday afternoon May 4th: Camping and getting acquainted. Plenty of room to pitch a tent or park an RV.

Saturday May 5: 8:00 am – Welcome and Introduction by Wes Holmquist

9:00 am - Llama Business Today: by Beau Baty

10:00 am - Questions and discussion

10:30 am – Genetics by Professor Robert Rutherford

11: 30 am – Questions

12: 00 pm – Lunch provided

1:15 pm -  Timed Llama obstacle course. $100 cash prize to winner. No entry fee.

                Fun for all, anyone can join – bring a llama and a saddle – or borrow a llama from Wes.

                             No running or trotting your llama allowed.

Obstacles include – haltering, saddling, trailering, and going through downed trees, brush, crossing a creek, and other obstacles.

2: 30 pm Screening criteria: Wes Holmquist

3:00 – 5:00 pm Llama screening

6:pm – Outdoor Barbeque provided

Sunday May 6: Everybody is on their own for breakfast.

               8:00 am – Beau Baty report on Peru trip

                              Llama breeding programs in Peru

               9:30 am - Discussion on issues surrounding us today 

                              Nancy Hester– The impact of the llama on the environment

                              Beau Baty report - Llama ban in Alaska and possibly BC

               11:00 am - Questions and answers on llama packing and breeding

               11:30 am – More llama screening if necessary

See  for details Or call, text, or email Wes Holmquist – 208 406-1382.

Charley Rosenberry phone 206 595-5611